Love isn’t beautiful, love is only a verb. A Verb that comes up when our stomach got a lot of butterflies and we can’t explain those feelings. Pals, don’t be too happy… there lie down word ‘lies’ in butterflies, lol.

We’d too often say love is beautiful, but it just an expectation that meets reality. So, impulsively we call it beautiful. So when the expectation meets reality, we feed our ego and say it was love.. but it isn’t.

It’s a verb when we choose to compromise, A verb when we letting our guard down and gave one human being the power to destroy the big wall we’ve made when they choose to leaves. A verb when you get a LOT of reasons to leaves, yet still searching and forcing for ONE reason to stay. So, how you see love now? It is beautiful… Only when you ready for the pain.

not smart, messed up the sentences but i tried.